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Power In Numbers is Not Always The Best Solution

Each member of your sales team costs your company money. Even though they are commissioned only sales people they due put a strain on your resources.  And the fact is that the least productive of the team is always the greatest abusers of the resources.  Whether they are lazy or scared they make up for their lack of volume by using your copy machines, taking time away from others in the office with wasteful communication and they do this because it makes them thing that you think they are accomplishing something.
We have a saying that the sales person you rarely hear from or see is busy writing deals. 
If you were to look at your sales force today and was able to get each one of them to close one more deal each month what would that do to your bottom line.  Now imagine two extra deals , 3 extra deals, and so on. The truth is, it not only helps your bottom line but it also increases motivation and retention for the sales team.


Investing With Great Returns

Investing in salespeople will provide the greatest ROI (return on investment) in the way of more deals, producing higher profits, stronger retention and most importantly an enthusiastic attitude that trickles through the whole company.
The sales team is one of the important aspects of a company, their production directly represents the success of the company they represent.  It is extremely important that laser focus be concentrated on their constant development. It is the best investment a company can make.

Building A Vast Referral Base With Relationship Selling 

Most sales people expect to build a referral base by contacting a prospective referral partner one or two times. The fact is that it takes up to 12 contacts with that prospect for them to even consider doing business with that sales person.
But even having the stamina to contact the prospect 12 times doesn’t mean they will build that needed relationship.  It takes preparation! Like in war or sports you must get to know everything you can about your opponent. Although these prospects are not opponents you must get to know as much as you can before your first contact. A little hint for you, it’s amazing what you can find out in 10 minutes on the internet. This allows you to build a relationship based on common ground.

Properly Building Your Referral Base is Like Having a Money Tree in Your Backyard. 

Why Have We Forgotten the Basics Of Branding?

Successful sales takes creating a positive image, but if you let the roosters run the hen house this can stunt the company growth, destroy retention, and create low employee morale.  
Top sales companies spend hours, even days drilling the company brand into all new employees including sales.  They do- this because the mouth pieces on these people are the best advertising you can get for free.  But it also has everyone saying the same thing about the company, they are all fluent in company branding.
When sales is speaking to a prospect they start off selling the company, its culture, its mission, its core beliefs, and what sets the company apart from everyone else.

Sales Sells The Company First Then Sell Themselves!