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A full service recruitment and training company focused on the development of highly productive executive, production and sales teams that are matched to companies with the same goals and mission.  Our methods are based on the less is more theology.  Productivity is based on the employment experience and  the right candidate is matched with the right employment atmosphere. motivation is enhanced resulting in greater production. Thus less is more, more loans processed by each processor, more loan originations per sales representative, which means more volume with less people.  This is not only profitable for the company but everyone makes more money.


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Recruitment Is About The Perfect Match

Recruitment is not about finding a candidate for the available position, it’s about matching company with talent on a much higher level. Every company has its own philosophy, its own mission and its own attitude. It is molded through the day to day operations and takes its cues from the people in various positions of leadership. It starts from the day of inception and grows as those who have the same philosophy grow in tenure while those who do not fit the mold leave and are replaced by those who who do. 
This gives every company its personality and only those who are matched to those qualities can make the perfect fit and increase retention. And this retention will save companies thousands of dollars in the hiring process, increase motivation, resulting in greater sales volume and soaring profits.
There are basically three candidate types, the ones who will adapt to any type of company personality profile, those who are an exact match and those who do not fit the mold. The ones who do not fit are the reason for poor retention levels, and disruptions in the work place.  It can be hard to pin point these candidates because they can seem like everything you are looking for.  Many recruiters are just trying to place a candidate with the hopes of simply getting paid. It is throwing what you can against the wall and hoping something will stick. 
It takes enhanced relationship building to get to know the company as well as the client to create the perfect match. The recruiter must dig deeper, go further and learn to live and breathe the company’s personality and be able to understand the candidates goals, and aspects of the work environment.
At Ebizmore we are experts in the match game. We know that results that breed longevity is the best option for both the company and the candidate. Our goal is to make the placement a long lasting and profitable relationship for the candidate and the company. company

A Perfect Match

We have all heard the quote “you are over qualified for this position”. This is just a nice way to say that you don’t match our corporate culture, and we know this is only a steeping stone for you. The employer/employee match is something that takes more than simple qualifications.  It’s a relationship, it’s a true partnership that will take give and take from both sides, and it has to start with some common beliefs. 
At Ebizmore we dig deeper into the core beliefs, the personality traits, and the goals of each candidate so that we can be confident that when a candidate is submitted they are the right fit.
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Building a Foundation

Whether it’s developing a call room, an outside sales force, or multiple branches we will handle all the details for you.  We have the expertise to recruit, train and oversee the development of the project. 
Our approach is targeted towards individual development of the sales team, and fine tuning production to increase productivity and creating systematic growth each and every month. 
We utilize proven techniques to develop outside sales by building strong referral relationships, and then creating stronger bonds with these relationships by working special promotional projects within the community.
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You can have confidence in Ebizmore because we don’t get paid till you see results. That’s right! We make no money until the candidate closes deals.Sales hire – no money until closing deals,  production hire – no money until deals they worked on are closed. 
Confidence is also our creed. Your discussions with any member of Ebizmore is strictly confidential.  You can feel free to discuss with us the specific requirements, hiring needs, responsibilities, and duties unique to your companies situation. The more we know and understand about you and your company the better results we will have finding the right candidates.

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